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About Us

Founded by Nick and Kate Moss, Blue Bella Records has been delivering Classic Blues & American Roots in a Whole New Package Since 1998. In addition to multiple critically-acclaimed releases by Nick Moss, the roster has included Kilborn Alley Blues Band, Cash Box Kings, Gerry Hundt, Bill Lupkin, Hank Mowery and Matthew Stubbs.


While we're not actively releasing new Nick Moss recordings (he’s now proudly an award-winning Alligator Records artist), we still have Nick’s past Blue Bella releases available through his website. We will have contact for the other bands previously on Blue Bella as well - so you can reach out directly to discover their great music.  

Thank you for visiting this brand new home for Blue Bella Records… we will continue to update the site with information on past releases, and how you can add them to your collection. 

Please sign up for updates! We'll be sure to keep you posted on progress.

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